Bandit Owners Club GB

- The biggest Bandit only club in the UK -

Join our popular forum and as a fully paid member, gain access to our regular shows, discounts on parts, clothing, bike insurance and more.

Suzuki Bandit Owners Club GB
Suzuki Bandit Owners Club GB
Suzuki Bandit Owners Club GB
Suzuki Bandit Owners Club GB
Suzuki Bandit Owners Club GB
Bandit Owners Club Forum in the UK


Started in October 2001 by Richard Wallbey and Paul Hardingham The Bandit owners club of GB has gone from strength to strength.

Based around a simple format which allows members to exchange knowledge about the bikes via the local meetings held all over the country and on this web site the club has grown into a large family where people have made new friends that they would have otherwise never have met.

Bandit Owners Club Member Benefits



The club gets discounts from many companies offering services including insurance, clothing, bike parts, bling and much more. You get out of the club as much as you are prepared to put in, there are ride outs organised by the local area reps and all levels of riders are catered for, most are posted on the website but if you have no internet access make sure the local rep has your mobile number and they will text you the info.


Then there are the events that the club attends we have a stand at most major shows and because we are affiliated we can subsidise entry for anyone putting their bike on the stand for the weekend (you don’t need a best in show bike it just has to be a Bandit) please ask for more details of how this works.

Suzuki Bandit Owners Club GB Shows

Free Annual Bandit Owners Club Rally

The National Bandit Rally, held every year at different venues around the country is free to members and is great fun with lots happening over the weekend including a dyno, fancy dress competition, live bands, ride out and much more. This is the biggest gathering of Bandits in one place in the UK and not to be missed.

Membership pays back

The membership fee is £20 per year which is very little considering what you can save, if used your membership will save you far more than it costs. Buy an exhaust for £150 and get 10% off then attend one event saving up to £36 for weekend entry and you have already saved £51. Throw in the National Rally, a few ride outs and some good fun with great people, joining the club really is a must. Everyone is made welcome by the Club and we all enjoy riding the most versatile bike in production: the Suzuki Bandit since1989.

Safe riding to all